about us

everybody deserves to live life as the best version of themselves. this version is not based on the preconceived notion of any other person, it is based entirely on the goals one sets for oneself. we at tingl believe that our meals can bring you closer to the myriad benefits of what a clean, healthy, and well-balanced diet can offer.

eating right makes you feel good. feeling good makes you tingl. tingl is the feeling you get when you fit into those old jeans, when your skin glows,  when you are able to jump out of bed every morning for that 5 am run and the feeling you get when you walk into a room and heads turn. alongside these tangible ambitions lies an even more potent benefit of tingl – strength and immunity. when one eats clean healthy food rich in grains, vegetables, and all the right kinds of protein and cuts out refined sugar, bad fats and preservatives, what happens inside our bodies is even more miraculous than what we see happening outside.

tingl is a subscription-based meal delivery service that brings nutritious, clean, and delectable food to you 4 times a day, 7 days a week. you get to choose the number of meals a day you want to eat based on your goals. you also get to choose your preferred dishes. our endeavour is to be a partner that can make your journey towards achieving your health goals fun and rewarding. so together…let’s tingl.