Do you deliver on Sunday?

Yes, we deliver on Sundays as well.

Can I have multiple delivery locations?

We have complete flexibility for delivery addresses. We make 2 deliveries a day. We can make them wherever you want within the boundary limit, of course.

Till what time can we change/cancel meals?

For pausing your subscription, you will need to do it on the app 2 days prior delivery before 2pm. Your paused day will be carried forward after your subscription ends.
For replacing your meal, you will need to do it on the app 2 days prior delivery before 2pm.

When are the meals delivered?

We have three delivery slots: 7am-9am, 11am-1pm and 4pm-6pm.

Can I try it for a few days?

Yes you can. We have a 5 day trial.

What if I have to go out of town in the middle of my subscription?

We will pause the subscription for the duration of your trip. You can resume it whenever you come back.

What is the refund policy?

We will initiate the refund for the remaining number of days. The amount refunded will depend on your subscription plan and the number of days consumed which will be informed to you before confirming the cancellation. The refund will be processed within 10 working days of receiving the account details. E.g If you subscribed for 30 days and all 4 meals for ₹29,400 and consumed only 15 days it will be considered as a 15-day subscription(which costs ₹15300) and we will be refunding ₹14,100

Do I have to take all my meals from you?

We give you flexibility in terms of choosing meal plan according to your preference. You can choose just minimum 1 meal to maximum 4 meal and we will help you manage rest of the meals.

I have been on so many diets already. Will I again have to starve myself for a month?

You don’t have to starve on this diet. The point is to meet the daily nutritional requirement by eating adequate meals that will help you manage your weight and also suffice your hunger.

What if I'm allergic to certain food ingredients?

Your allergies will be noted by us before setting up your personalized meal plan

What type of meats do you serve?

We serve chicken, eggs, fish, and prawns.