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last updated: 09 january 2024 collects information with the utmost respect to your security and privacy

when you browse our website without providing any of your personal information, we do collect and store some trace information of your visit. we keep a record of the kind of browser and operating system you use, your ip address, the date and time of your viewing our website, the pages you visited and if you came to our website using a link from another website. this information is only for our records and does not identify you personally and will not be linked back to you.

when and why tingl collects information from its users?

tingl collects personal information during registration from its users to provide better and personalised services. the collected information is used to study how users use tinglmeals website, mobile application, and product. the provided information are further used to contact users and fulfil requested services and as otherwise stated in the privacy policy. we may share certain information about our users with third parties and the subjected information are listed below.

information that tingl collects

tingl only collects information that are provided by the users. these information include but are not limited to name, email address, phone number, gender and date of birth. since tingl is a health and wellness related company, we also collect information pertaining to health like physical activity, height, body weight, nutritional data, biometric information and sleep-related habits. the given information may be used by tingl to provide impeccable service to the users.

automatically collected information

when users interact with tingl’s mobile application, tingl automatically receives and records information on the server log. these information include the page requested by the user, ip address and ‘cookie’ information.

‘cookies’ are identifiers that tingl transfers to users’ mobile device or computer. this allows us to identify the users’ mobile devices or browsers and help us analyse how and when tingl’s website and mobile application were visited and by how many people. however, a user can limit this action or change their preferences in mobile or web browser by limiting their device’s acceptance of cookies. in that case, the user will not be able to enjoy the best of services provided by tingl.

the data that contains user information is only used in an aggregate form and tingl will not use it in a manner that will identify users individually. this aggregate form may also be shared with tingl’s partners in order to help them understand how often tingl’s mobile application is used and based on that enable them to provide optimal online services. however, tingl will never share aggregate information with our partners in a way that would identify a user individually.

e-mail and other communications

tingl may contact users via email or by other means. we may email or notify our users regarding promotional and upcoming offers marketed by tingl or other businesses. we may also communicate with users regarding their use of the product or mobile application. similarly, when users open an email sent from tingl, we will get a notification. this will enable us to offer more interesting e-mail communication and help us improve our service. in case if a user does not want to receive e-mail notifications from us, they indicate their preference by emailing us at

how do we protect visitor/user information?

a user’s tingl account is protected by a password for their security and privacy. to curb information theft, we urge our users to protect their account appropriately by using strong passwords and limit access to their devices and browsers. we insist on logging out of tingl account after every use.

tingl strives hard to protect our users’ accounts and personal information that we hold in our records. however, when an unfortunate event like the entry of unauthorised use, software or hardware failure or any such factor happens, personal information provided by the users can be compromised and tingl cannot guarantee complete security.

tingl’s mobile application may contain links to other websites or applications. when a user accesses a given link, we strongly recommend them to read the said website/application’s privacy policy before registering. tingl is not responsible for the privacy policy or practices mentioned on the other site.

even though encryption technology is effective, security system can be compromised. tingl cannot guarantee that the information users provide will not be intercepted while being transmitted to us or the security of our database. a user has to share information with our mobile application or website at his/her own risk.

cookies will periodically place “cookies” on your personal computer. “cookies” are small e-identifies which help us recognise you on your repeat visit to our website. we also use cookies to track how our customers found our website. to protect your privacy, we do not use cookies to store or transmit any personal information or our customers via the internet. you have the choice of either accepting or declining our cookies. most web browsers however are set to accept cookies automatically, if you prefer to decline the cookies in your system, do set your system to do so. declining cookies however reduces the efficacy of communicating to you through our website.

how secure is your data with us? is committed to safeguarding your privacy using the best security standards and procedures known to us and we always comply with applicable privacy laws. our website runs on a robust combination of industry-approved physical, electronic and procedural security systems to ensure that your information is well protected within our infrastructure.

want to opt-out?

in the instance of wanting no further communication/information from us, please email
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